About Me

Eliux Velazquez, also known as Capitan V, was born on November 9, 1979 to Cuban parents. Having come from a latin decent, Eliux has been gavitationally pulled by his passion for music and it's culture from a young age. At 9 years old, Eliux was introduced to guitar lessons that later drove him to begin composing his own songs. At age 11, he released his first public composition called "Amor Descalzo" which became quite popular amongst his classmates and community. Eliux knew he had talent and was determined to cultivate it.

At age 16 he began piano and vocal coaching which prepared him as a vocalist and performer and later played a huge role in landing him many bookings and local performances. He learned how to play many instruments and grew quickly as a music artist, becoming a staple in nightlife entertainment in his city and later evolving to take his show internationally around the Caribbean and into South America. Eliux has been actively touring his show weekly in the city of Miami as he continues to perfect his craft through further education as a pianist, guitarist, and vocalist. Currently, he is working with some of the most well renown latin producers in the music industry to compile his first official EP.

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